Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Small knife cuts big trees & Small key opens big doors.

Teng is a successful real estate agent who understands the selling world. In Chinese he said, selling life insurance isn't an easy job. In proverb he remarked to me, a good professional life insurance agent sells with 'a small knife to cut a big tree'. Sounded very funny the short phrase but powerful enough to broaden our mind.

In real life, its' rather impossible to fall a huge tree by cutting with a small knife. However if you need to do it, a small knife could still cut the tree. First, you have to be patience, knowing very well the small knife isn't easy to perform a great task. The small knife has to be constantly sharpened with care. You have to be tolerance because along the way, there will be many obstacles while cutting the thick trunk of the tree. You have to be farsighted because you need a lot of time to cut slowly without loosing your determination. You need plenty of passion to understand the purpose of falling the tree. Your heart and mind have to be motivated all the time. Otherwise the external forces might deter you to continue. With time, destiny and energy, finally you realised that your impossible feat could be achieved. Just by 'a small knife to cut a big tree. Selling life insurance applies the same principles of the small knife. How true it is!

According to my friend, Teng, selling real estates is like 'a small key opens big doors'. A small key might not be able to open a big door but if one is prepared to open enough big doors, there would be one out of the many, one would get the right door to open. Dealing with real estates is the same. Teng is successful in his career because he had attempted to see many prospects and buyers in his selling. He might not have been successful all the time, but the few sizeable projects that he had concluded, made him very profitable today. He is right again, 'small key can open big doors'.

Something to be remembered by those who sell "Small knife cuts big trees & Small key opens big doors."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Thank you for sharing the motivational sayings & I have one to share too.
"One who has hope has everything".
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat//

"One who has hope has everything"... Like you. Thanks.