Monday, June 16, 2008

Love & Support Can heal.

I have seen Amrina grown since she was studying as a little girl. Her parents were my clients and great friends too. Later she left for Australia to pursuit her further education to become a qualified accountant. Eventually got married to an Australian. Last year on a routine medical checkup, she detected a small tumour and found to be cancerous. Immediate surgery was done to remove the necessary. The sickness caused her to be under pressure and chemotherapy was needed which might weaken her health. She had to resign from our potential career. Her mother is a medical doctor working in Malaysia, persuaded her to return home where her family could take care of her medical attention and care. The mum knew her daughter needed plenty of love and laughter in order to fight the unwanted illness. Treatments were definitely had to be given but without the confidence of herself, nothing could work on this weakening young lady.

Upon returning home here, I could see the parents were spending a lot of time to guide and assist the daughter in every way. The understanding mother had also purchased a small medical life insurance cover for her, when she first started to work in Australia. As promised in our policy contract, the sickness claim was paid promptly to her, after she had submitted all our medical requirements. The insurance money came very handy for her, when she could feel the sense of financial independence without having to bother her aging parents. She continued with her post treatments at nearby local hospital. Lately I was told she had left for India to visit her grand parents. Through Facebook, I could see her photographs taken recently. She looked gorgeous and attractive and I believe she has recovered. I trust, she has recovered so rapidly is because love and support were showered to all when she needed it most. Love was from those who knew her personally, especially her entire family. Financial support was from the insurance claim, which gave her the inner confidence and peace. She is a very lucky lady who could certainly smile now. I too felt contented as I am her agent, who witnessed the miracle of life insurance. Money to be paid when is needed most. May The Almighty blesses her good health and long lives.

Confucius said - "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Congratulations to your friend Amrina for a speedy recovery !

Congratulations to Amrina's parents for their wise decisions!

Congratulations to Young Man for manifesting the miracle of life insurance!

Love from Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

May The Almighty Universe blesses everyone of us here. Thank you for your sincere thought.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Heart To Heart Talk,

To love means to endlessly support...
it heals with the power of touch and positive aura of the love from those who love us.
Thats the miracle that few explore,but people like you keeps that miracle something to ponder on.
May all our health grow better with quality love that we give and receive in return. As more hearts learn to love us the better our health will become,so start investing on that,esp love from families because you have nothing to loose...its only "time" that we just hope to manage to permit us invest the "family love".
I have invested on it today..have you?

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender...

I am convinced you are truly a happy & loving person. In view, you have the three layers of LOVE confessed on you. You have the earthly love for others, family love which u have invested and found your intimate love to make you a rounded love person in nature. I am equally blessed with these three layers of love to speak the same language with you my dear. Thank you for your sharing again.