Friday, June 20, 2008

Is your woman behind, besides or in front?

They used to proclaim, 'For every successful man, there is always a woman behind him'. Not today any longer. I prefer, 'For every successful man, there should be a lady besides him'. Those were the days, when man led and woman followed. He would be happy if his woman was naive and be obedient. As long as she served him willingly without complaint, the man would be satisfied. Today, we hardly see such women around, unless they are not normal healthy females. The present women are educated and very much career minded. They are intelligent and some are even very sophisticated in character.

As I said, I prefer to be successful with my lady beside me. The lady who stands beside me, I expect her to be intelligent, attractive, playful, motivated, independence, loving, kind, fun and understanding person. With her intelligence, she shares her thought with me. Her attractiveness excites me. Her playful nature keeps me young. When I am down at time, she motivates me. She is brave and courageous with independence. Her heart is full of love and kindness for me and others she knows. I won't be bored coz she always has fun and laughter. Most important she understands what I want. Thanks God, I am blessed with my little darling.

If you happened to have a woman in front of you, I think the success has to be given to the lady rather than to the man. Can't blame this to happen coz there are many successful women who also need men to follow as she leads. Those are the men who are naive, obedient and are willing to serve without complaint. So! What are you?

Food for thought - "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open" - Sir James Dewar (1877 -1925)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Heart To Heart Talk,

Its a fact that I also observe that a successful man have a successful women beside him...Both successful in some ways.
My success is also beside my loved one...not behind,not in front...
Its the love between us that enables each other to manage and becomes successful together.
The credit is together...and all the risk of failure is also makes two hearts and souls to make it all happen.
Nobody in the face of this earth succeed alone..because thats nature...where theres a man..theres a woman and we cannot out rule that.
Life will not be successfully meaningful without him/her beside you...

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender..

I am so happy for you. May God blesses you more.