Sunday, June 01, 2008

The nicest feeling I've ever known is being in love.

I think the highest form of happiness is when one is truly in love. The heart sparkles with joy and the mind stimulates with excitement. The face grows with blissfulness and the eyes are sweet as ever. The feeling is like you are on top of the world. You see the world as beautiful and meaningful. Nothing will stop you to reach the impossible. If you are in love at the moment, let your mate knows. Tell her or him. If you are shy, send a card to express your feeling. I assure you, those words will create magic to bond your love greater.

I was lucky, my little darling hand picked a special greeting card to me. The first page was written; "The nicest feeling I've ever known is being in love with you." Wooooh!!! Those few words melted my heart. I could not wait to turn the main page for more wording.

It was written as followed.

To my dearest sweetheart Hero Robert....
Thank you for these feelings.

For bringing me happiness as though it were a gift I could open everyday... I thank you.

For listening to the words I want to say... I appreciate you.

For letting me to share the most personal parts of your world, and for welcoming me with your eyes... I am grateful to you.

For being the wonderful, kind, giving person you are... I admire you.

For being the most beautiful light in my life... I desire you.

For being everything you are to me, and for doing it so beautifully... I love you.

From your little darling.

Although it was only a hand written card, it had touched my heart, so deep that words alone could not be expressed. If it could create happiness to me, I believe it can with others as well. Love has no obstacle and barrier. Love is free but it should be given willingly without condition. If you love someone, why hold back. Be brave! Tell that person now and miracle of love will appear in front of you immediately.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Heart to Heart talk,

Hand written are the best way to seek for the trending of mood and feelings,I m a collector of hand written cards from those surrounding me.
Love as you defined should not be hold back, true! But not all have the courage to tell and they often found that those that they love where taken by others with courage. Sad isn't it...
I am impressed of how manageable you are up to this period of your time (ie coming 37 soon) to be able to sustain your continium of LOVE. I believe now that love was really blind and eventually found light at the later stage of time,only then Love is sweeter and pleasant...
You have the heart and sincerity to demonstrate this...keep it up, the society need to be developed with the brain and heart stimulating take care and send my regards to your little darling.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender..

I am glad you are reading more of mine articles here. Pls feel free to comment and advise me. You learn and I am also learning as well.

The journey of life isn't easy. We make mistakes along the way. Mistakes are our teachers. We learn, relearn and unlearn... to make it smoother. Including our love mistakes.

Nobody could live alone happily by oneself. We need to tap the right sources of energy. It took me a long time to develop my courage to seek my little darling who equally had gone through life the hard way. She is my soulmate who understand my needs and wants. We understand each other. We help one another to live happily with true love...the essence of love.

Your comments and keen reading over my blog, inspire me to write further. Thank you so much. I am sure my little darling will be proud of me.

Anonymous said...

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