Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Insurance is never enough!

After selling life insurance for more than 26 yrs, I can confirm that life insurance is never enough for everyone as long as we live. It sounds funny that statement but I have the experiences to lay my claim on it.

I had sold many plans and repeated sales to my current clients. Averagely a client who is with me for more than 5 years, usually would be buying two to three policies through by hand. There are clients who carried twenty plans taken at various time with different needs. During these many years of selling, I had encountered countless claims. There were the death claims, sickness claims and hospital & surgical claims. On all these occasions, I would be the most respected and important person to the decease and their families. Because those were the times when money was needed most. It was the insurance claims that could solve their immediate problems.

I still remembered, at the beginning of my career when I wasn't competent on my profession yet, many who bought insurance from me, used to say that they don't need insurance as a cover. They claimed that they bought for the sake of obligation out of me. I wasn't happy at that time but I was not convinced to believe, in actual facts they needed the sales and the products more than me later. Today, each time when I handed over a death claim cheque to the decease's family, non ever complained that the payment was sinful money. The needed money brought hopes and joy. Deep down in their hearts, they wished it was more. The medical claims brought relieves to the sick who thanked me sincerely. I was like their saviour who was sent by the Almighty to enlighten them.

Death and sickness are life's problems but living too long is also another problem. When you live too long in life, you need the savings to maintain your retirement. The guys who told me twenty years ago, the ten or twenty or even the one hundred thousand dollars were considered small sum for saving in life insurance. Today, most of them who retired found that they had nothing except the saving in our life insurance taken years back. They might be cashing out the 50 or the 100 thousand only. They took the cash with tears because these money was so valuable to them at this moment. They had one regret, for not taking more life insurance when they could. Sometimes I wonder, whether they were at wrong or I had not done forceful enough to press my clients to save more in our miracle products. Believe me, life insurance is never be sufficient for you. Buy life insurance when you don't need it, when you need it, you can't buy!. I speak from my heart after selling this long to be convinced.

Food for thought - "The past is gone. The future is unpredictable. All we have is now. Make great use of it."


Anonymous said...

The best of all possible ways of telling the world what one is going to do is by showing the world what one has already done.
Congratulations darling!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous Darling..

Thank you for that thoughtful statement. Yes! With my mistakes, I understand life better. Is time, I should share them with the world..including you too.

historypak said...

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