Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The pride of staying longer in my business.

It was such a joy to meet up with Simon Yee, a client and friend for almost 30 years. I brought him a cheque which he had not expected so soon. Twenty years ago, when Simon was still working as a self employed tailor, he effected an educational plan for his last daughter who was then a little infant. This particular month is exactly full 20 years when this policy is maturing for payment for the daughter. When Simon received our cheque, he was caught by surprised because without him realising, the twenty years had gone by so rapidly. We both remembered, it was not easy for him to effect this plan at that time, as he was only drawing a minimum income to survive. I was the one who knocked him hard, when he agreed to pay the little premium for the sake of his last child. During these past 20 years, he had his up and down of life. There were many occasions when time were bad that he wanted to terminate this cover. I had to sit down with him to provide alternatives and making sure the policy remain to stay. Thank God! I felt so proud to be still alive, healthy and still working as an active agent for him till today. I had honoured my promise that I would deliver my services no matter what happened. I had seen the child grown from a baby to be a pretty and intelligent student, studying currently in Australia. I felt great for the father and daughter, who had trusted me for this long.

When I handed this maturing cheque to Simon, I said,"I had make a mistake 20 years ago for not asking you to save more. Otherwise, I should have brought you another cheque with another zero added behind to this amount now." You know what Simon replied! He remarked, "I regretted for not buying more from you, Robert. Otherwise I should be receiving more today for my daughter. Anyway, thank you so much."

To my keen readers. Always remember, "Buy life insurance when you don't need it. When you need it, you can't buy!"

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