Monday, June 02, 2008

Tipping is a manner.

Everyone wants prompt and efficient services but most are reluctant to tip for services rendered. I always believe tipping is a manner. Tipping is to appreciate and to encourage others to serve better. Is sad the Asian is lousy tipper compares to the Westerner.

My little darling knows I tip everyone who serves us. Last night, she was dinning with her entire family, when she was spending RM 200 on the bill. She only gave 90 cents as balance tips to the waiter. She asked me whether she had tipped right. I told her, tip any amount as long as she felt comfortable. Most important she must tips without pain in her heart. She tipped to appreciate the services given. She tipped to encourage the workers to work even harder. I was glad she had tipped willingly. She should have given another RM 2 to make the waiters happier. Right?

There is some unwritten tipping rules and guide lines. I think the minimum tip is 3% against the bill. The rest is up to the individual on how he thinks. Even if you are not happy with the services rendered, tip to the minimum as a manner. However if the services are marvellous and you are totally satisfied with them, it is appropriate to tip more than 15%. Is like telling the person who serves, 'you have done a good job, please keep it up'.

A person character could be determined by the way he tips. If one doesn't tip at all, I think most likely he could be a great miser. He wants others to serve him, yet he doesn't understand the manner to go around. These are the selfish people who want the best of themselves, without thinking of others need and interest. To those who tip by the little or the left over of coins are not too bad. They want to tip but not willingly yet. They have a disturbed mind and a doubtful heart. There are those who tip generously to appreciate and to encourage the servers. These are truly the class who have the good heart for others to live and to survive. Saving those little tipping isn't going to make them rich. But the little tips could brighten those who serve. The saying is right; 'Penny smart, Pound foolish'.

Phato - "Never discourage anyone - who continually makes progress, no matter how slow."

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