Friday, June 13, 2008

Why are you afraid to ask?

Over a recent party, some males and females were discussing the issue on intimate shyness. I was lucky to be invited to participate together on this private forum. Is good to be in love but not easy to maintain a loving relationship. Within a love relationship, there are many obstacles which many won't realise until later. For instance, how many females are daring enough to reveal their feeling to their male lovers. At the same times, all females expect males to lead and show their feeling first. Over our sharing, we realised not all males are brave but in actual fact, they are equally shy like the females. Especially when the man is in love with his woman, he finds difficult to confess to her intimately. Even though they might be seriously in love, when they have reached the skin to skin contact, both would still have a bit of shyness to reveal their needs and wants.

If the lady wants to make love, she might not dare to ask openly. Out of desperation, she could offer some hints or signals to her counterpart. If her lover is a 'doop', he might not even realise those seducing signs. Making her more frustrated and dissatisfied eventually. However most females would expect the man to ask or show his interest first. On the other hand, man could be brave in many ways, but on intimacy he also has the similar weakness like the woman. He finds it difficult to request for love making opening as well. Both sexes have the thoughts to make love but refuse to admit their needs and wants for fear without a reason. We concluded that this is considered as psychological shyness of all human being.

Among us, one related her story. Each time when she or her husband wants to have sex that night, either of them would place a bottle of essential oil besides their bed, indicating the needs. Some shared the touching of legs and hands while on bed, are similar indication of wants.

Of all the stories, I like to share with you this particular one here. A father was high on heat while the mother was washing the family clothing. He was too shy to tell his wife that he wanted to have sex with her that moment of time. He approached his little son. Please tell your mother that daddy is waiting in the room. 'The typewriter is there for her to type'. The boy told the mum the same words given. Mother understood the 'stupid' statement. Instead she told the son to relate her reply to his dad. 'My washing machine is temporary spoiled. You type your own typewriter!'

Love is beautiful when we know how to appreciate it. Love is admirable if we know how to express and communicate within us. The private forum allowed us to understand that the better way to be in love is to be frank with the one you are in love. Be brave to reveal your strength and weaknesses. Tell what you like and what you don't like. Explain your emotion in heart and in mind. Adjust the needs and wants according to both requirements. Shyness could be overcome, if only both lovers are prepared to talk it over intimately. Yes! There are many obstacles in lives but it is a challenge if we dare to face them willingly.

Food for the heart - "People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Heart to Heart Talk,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making the first move,
bare in mind that the opportunity to make the first move wont repeat itself.
Making the first move is being responsible. But everything is from the hearts and mind.
Good and honest intentions will lead to goods results and events.
Bad and insincere intentions will result to bad events.
So make the first move,everytime, the right way.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender...

You make a wonderful lover to the deserving man. I totally agreed with your statement...Good and honest intentions will lead to good results and events. Thank you for commenting again.