Monday, June 23, 2008

I promise to make her laughs and not cry.

I had seen many broken marriages and love relationship. Everyone of them started with a happy and interesting beginning but sad to see most ended with sorrowful ending. Love always has pleasure and pain. When one is having pleasure, love is beautiful and exciting. However life isn't grown with roses alone, because around the roses are surrounded with countless thorns. The roses look nice and smell sweet. In order to appreciate the beauty of the roses, we have to move carefully to avoid those thorns. Otherwise the thorns would create pain and frustration for sure.

Mr WantU and Miss NeedU are one couple I admire. They have be in love for a long time and I have not seen them quarrel at all. They are loving, understanding and forgiving. I asked them what are their secret for keeping such a wonderful relationship for so long. Both were frank to tell, it's impossible for any couples who could be living without having to face any misunderstandings at times. They tried their level best to love each other but quarrels and arguments are unavoidable in life. Miss NeedU had requested her partner a promise which Mr WantU promptly agreed. She asked, "Darling, as long as I live, can you promise that you are going to make me laugh and not cry?" This promise is fulfilled until today because Mr WantU had suggested to his partner, that should there be any serious misunderstanding during their lives time, their fights, arguments or quarrels should be discussed over within their closed bedroom.

It sounded funny to me with a closed bedroom. Mr WantU was kind enough to explain, all lovers could be hostile when they quarrelled but when they are kept within their love nests, hugging and kissing with each others solved all problems eventually. Usually their anger and frustration would end with a good intimate love making. As promised, Mr WantU had made his partner laugh again without tears.

Woh!!! That is certainly a marvellous way to maintain a good relationship. Make love and there will be no war. Thank you Mr WantU & Miss NeedU, I will follow your promise to make my little darling laughs and not cry as long as I live in this world. I have to tell her that our future unexpected fights have to be fought in a closed bedroom too.

Food for the heart - "To unblock the fountain of love and enter on the path of creative, spiritual growth, we must let go our fears." - Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

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