Sunday, June 08, 2008

Love is in the air.

One of my lady friend asked, why am I so happy lately. I told her, I am feeling on top of the world coz I have found an interesting love in heart. She wanted to know whether I am in love and how to be in love when I have reached my golden age. When I was young, I was a young lover but now I am a mature lover who understands the beauty of love in every sense.

Young lovers are playful, romantic but lack the knowledge of life. The playfulness in them makes them to explore the unknown and the excitement. Their youthfulness creates a marvellous romantic setting for them. They have all the energies to stimulate each other. However their understanding of life is a little shallow because they are still too young, when they have not tasted enough the salt of love. To them, love is romance and sex only, when love has so much to ask for in return.

As I am a mature lover, I gain the wisdom of life to love my little darling who is so comfortable with me in every way and moment. Most man of my age could have lost the jest of playfulness and wittiness in character. Not me! I have the heart of 37 and turning 36 next year. Playfulness needs to be courageous, which in turn makes me a man of fun and humour. I make everyone laughs, including my little darling who loves my company. No doubt, I had made a lot of mistakes in life but I do accept that my past mistakes were my teachers. They taught me to appreciate life and to understand the beauty of love. Sex is only one part of love. The most important is to cover myself with a full blanket of love, which my little darling can tuck in together. Although the blanket of love could be a simple one, but added with patience, tolerance, care, kindness, fantasies and plenty of understanding, it allows us to sail a journey of happiness till the end.

Whether you are a young lover or mature lover, it takes two to tango together to achieve true happiness. If you are a younger lover, learn to be patience and have tolerance in love. For the mature lovers, be brave and learn to be playful again. Without the wittiness in you, love would definitely be dull and boring. Or if you are not in love, I am sure there is a soul mate waiting for you there outside. Just go out and give yourself a chance to fall in love once more.

The happy thought by Haim Ginott - "Happiness... is not a destination. It is a manner of travelling. Happiness is not an end in itself. It is a by-product of working, playing, loving and living."


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Heart to Heart Talk,

I don't believe in "Love at first sight"
Its just another way of saying "I like him/her the first time I saw him/her"

Love is there naturally given to us, it doesn't matter if its puppy love or
whatever you may call it...

Love is to be earned...with respect,experience,tolerance,
acceptance and time.

Love is then explored and not to be
kept within yourself because it will rot and fill you with frustration,
Love is to learn to say
"My sweet,my darling,my love" may
sounds out of tone,but you'll get use to it...we need to say it out with the voice of the heart and the breath of your soul.
Love is a wonderful experience,
where words may be so endlessly used.
Only then you feel you can't get enough of your feel you can do more,contribute more..till death do we part...and thats "True Love"

In love,
Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender..

I am glad you are back. You had contributed much to this title. I am amazed with your statement..Love is to learn to say "My darling or Sweetheart"... I am doing these now. Thank you for reminding