Saturday, June 14, 2008

My sight deceives my feeling.

One man' meat is another man's poison is definitely true. In order to live young at 37 turning 36, I decided to dress young too. I walked into a shopping department with a much younger little lady. I told her to see whether I could pick the right colour and design for my shirts to blend my younger heart. It took me awhile to select a few aggressive shirts which I thought were specially young for my age. Without ado, I asked my little female companion to give me her frank opinion and view. Her response was, those were old fashion colourless shirts for the uncles and not meant for the thirties young men in town. I was caught speechless. In my mind I had to accept the facts and logic of this younger person words. My sight and thought were of older selection, even though I might have tried to think young by feeling. Whereas she is still relatively young in physical and mental at this moment of time.

Without arguing with her, I requested her to pick another selection of shirts for me according to her fancy. Out of my surprise, she selected some t-shirts and shirts which were of black and bright colours. Those were the colours I won't have taken for sure. With some persuasion from her, I took the courage to try and wear them in the changing room. Hey! I spoke to myself. I was taken aback with the new look of me. I was amazed, they really looked good and fresh in my outlook. I was excited and I bought all those clothing eventually. For the next few days, while I was wearing my new outfits I caught much attention from my friends and clients. My secretary claimed, "Boss! You look so handsome today." My little darling gave me her special kiss, "Sweetheart! I can't believe.. you are so young now."

From this experience, I know that to feel young isn't good enough in life. One has to feel young with courage and braveness and later to act on them. Like I said earlier, our sight could deceive our thoughts. Unless we know how to borrow strength from someone who could understand. Meaning, seek the young for their youthful energies and forces. In return share our knowledge and wisdom to the young who might not have our thoughts yet. The young and old need each other to grow and survive.

Food for thought - "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak" - Hans Holmann.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Heart to Heart Talk,

I credit you on making one new step in life, its call "courage to change" , this is where I forsee not many can do.
To change to make other achieve the best in life without making major impact to the surroundings...impressive to say..but wait till we execute it..hmmm its a pleasure I presume. Your new shirt is the color that I would choose for your heart...I'm doing the same for my friends who ask for favors to go out shopping with them to help choose new clothings.
Black color is really elegant, try to wear black T-shirt with collar and 3/4 sleeve or folded long jeans or navy jeans.You would look nice in boots up to the ankle type, it will keep your posture straight and walk lively though slow, relaxed.
Wear masculine perfume and smell good all the time, so you can feel the positive energy. No harm to keep perfume in cars and office.
There are 2 main key to a man's identity...the way he dress and the way he smell.Thats how I can tell how wise he is in one aspect.
So, a small tip for a wonderful person...

Red Lavender
p/s - I Learnt to say "Ching Ai" when addressing my loved one.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender...

U are truly amazing, one who understands the wisdom to live and to be loved. You had used these words right, "courage to change" which could lead to many new developments. I will definitely take your choice of colours and designs to blend my change. It's so lucky to have a reader like you who shared...I really appreciate it so much. Thank you.