Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Selling Life Insurance is like a preacher.

Some of my younger colleagues were curious why my selling was so simple and yet so effective. They had to talk so much and yet could not close at times. Whereas I spoke little and my clients responded. To make them realized, I explained the progress of a willing preacher who is just like an exciting rookie life insurance agent.

A new young preacher has to carry his bible to explain his belief. Perhaps he has to speak in length, he has to refer the written pages and proverbs, he has to speak with his sincere heart, and yet not many would believe his words. With his strong desire towards the spiritual reach, he might convert some followers to his faith gradually. Along the way, he could have been rejected countless times, he could have been scolded by many and laugh upon with his unproven belief. When his determination is strong, nothing could stop his path of preaching. From rank and file, he rises humbly with more followers to acknowledge his wisdom of holiness. At this stage of his spiritual strength, he needs not carry his bible in hand to preach and conduct services. His smiles are pleasant to all, his eyes have the love to attract, his mouth has the sweetness to melt your heart and his movement capture attention. He has the charisma to create energy to those who surround him. His rare personality offers you enthusiasm which could reach your heart and mind by just touching you with a few added words of love. If ever one is being blessed by the Pope himself, he might just have to say five words, "My child, I bless you!". I believe these powerful but simple five words can make you cry with enlightenment. He needs not has to spend much time with you and yet you will be contented to accept his blessing. Time has certainly changed his fame and success in the spiritual world.

I was just like the young preacher 26 years ago when I first started to sell life insurance. Those days, I had to carry all the information needed to prove to my prospects. I had to visit them few times each, I had to speak for hours, I had to offer various proposals or plans option, I had to speak my heart, and yet not many agreed to buy from me. However with sheer determination and strong guts, I improved my selling methods. I built confidence and trust along the way. Gradually I shortened my selling time to close each case. Today, I speak lesser on insurance matters and I need not elaborate in details on the plans, but yet clients would be too happy to buy from me. I believe my personality reflexes the creditability and confidence that assisted me to close my sales easier. Perhaps if I could still sell life insurance in another 10 years, my sales would be of only 5 words. They are, "Child, please take life insurance!" and clients would be just too glad to sign. Believe me, it will work, if only the agents could stay long enough in this passionate career. We are like the preachers who sell hopes and so am I.

The phrase I will never fail to remember - "Its not how much we do, but how much we put in the doing. Its not how much we give, but how much we put in the giving." - Mother Teresa.

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