Monday, June 09, 2008

Essence of Words

We had heard of vanilla essence, durian essence, strawberry essence but have you been told there is 'Essence of Words'. All fruit essences have the taste and flavour of its juicy. Similarly Words of Essence, if written and spoken effectively, one will be able to taste them, smell them and feel them, like as though electricity is running all through our bodies. The essence of words could pump your heart to beat faster than normal. Essence of words gives endorphin to our listeners, which energises them with a positive reply and respond. Using the appropriate words at different occasions, professions, relationships, businesses and families reflex good manner. Most of us do not practise or rather forgotten the courteous way to write and speak. Essence of words is powerful, which brings the closeness of relationship to another level.

One typical example here. A male friend was a bit disturbed because his girlfriend wasn't able to spend time with him on a Sunday. In order to cheer him up, I encouraged him to send a little message to her. On behalf of him, I wrote; "Darling I know you are busy today. How I wish we can hold hands and visit some friends together.. Especially on a Sunday when it should be a relaxing day.. to laugh and humour, to talk grand mother's stories or just chat, to rub bodies or allow someone to massage us, fun and casual drive to nowhere, to explore the unknowns, to disturb and have fun with others, swimming or exercise, searching for new hawker's food, showing you my past memory lanes, to shop until dead, walk until I have to carry you, sweat till I leak them dry for you, chase monkeys in the parks, catch fishes in the ponds, catch spiders in the wild, see how the lizards make love, I be Tarzan and you be Tarzanie in the forest, let me romance and fantasize you with excitement and let us try what we have never tried before. After all, we would not be able to come back again to this world. We have only one live. So make the best we can darling. the uncommon way and others will be admiring us. Not us following others! Do u like to tuck onto my life journey and be with me today, Sunday."

The young man was amazed with the little massage which turned longer than thought. He was a bit concerned but I assured him, these are the Essence of Words which could be tasted, smelled and felt when read. A minute later came this reply from her, "Wahhhhhh...u are really a great salesman, talker and lover. Anyway I love u as what u are. Yes babe if you allow me to join your life path..I would be the most happy and excited woman in the whole wide world.."

See! The Essence of Words had connected both lovers to a greater intensity. Creativeness and courage are necessary to express these essence of taste, smell and feeling in written form.

Evan Esar - "You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth." Phrase was shared to me by a good friend, Jarod Lee of


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
In short, the motivation here is:-
1) Speak good words
2) Have a good thoughts
3) Do good deeds
Cos kindness & love will make a happy world.
Be Brave & Be Naughty !!!
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

I will forever be brave & be naughty. I will die with a smile. Thank you.