Friday, March 07, 2008

Women are secretive in love.

I believe man is more expressive in love over woman. When a man loves a lady, most likely he is brave to reveal. His action comes first, then he speaks it out in words. However it is difficult to judge the feeling of woman when she loves her man. Women tend to be secretive in love. They don't show easily their feeling but rather observe their partners. Especially the early stage of contacts. So! For the gentleman, when you have interest over your ladies, be patience and be tolerance at the beginning. She might not utter a word, but that doesn't mean she is not interested. Allow her to feel for you first.

For the ladies, please don't fall for the man who has the guts to confess "I Love You" the minute he knows you. True love cannot be spoken once immediate. True love needs time and understanding. True love has patience and affection. If your man could say the "I Love You" all the time with passion, braveness, sincerity and pride, I am sure that man really loves you.

The man might have spoken hundred times the "I Love You", don't expect your lady would respond with these three words back to you. Remember, Love is secretive and hidden in woman heart. However, if the day comes when your lady is prepared to sound these sweet short words of I Love You to your tender ears, you rest assure she truly loves you deeply. Am I right Ladies?

At this stage of romance, there would be more surprises for the men. Just that the men have to get ready for she is ready now to receive his true love. In romance, both lovers have to help each other to love each other more. Shyness has to be erased and both have to give a truthful and faithful chance for themselves. This is when the excitement of love begins. I strongly believe true love offers courage, strength and energy. If you are in love, make the best of what you have and appreciate the beauty of your loves.

To the gentlemen who have found your new loves, "A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years."


Anonymous said...

I do agree that men express more at the beginning of courtship even to the beginning of a relationship. However, i dont think this happens after a while. I find that it is not easy for men to say out the words that express their feelings for us, women. I always find that men are less expressive than women in almost every aspects. Men tend to express only when they feel guilt, example for hanging out with friends rather than their partner. I dont know if you get what i mean here. Just wanted to point out another point is that many women who are still in love with their partner will choose to leave their partner after too much dissapointments. Men express and do so much when its during courtship and beginning of relationship. Then they return to their original selves and does not do the things they used to do or say the words they used to say. Women take this as dissapointments as well.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Andrea..

U are truly right. All of us make mistakes. Incuding love mistakes. There is another saying,'Is easy for women to get men. But is not easy to get a man who truly loves a woman.' The truthful man will always be saying I Love You from the beginning to the end without loosing the expressiveness to the lady he loves.

Thanks Andrea for your truthful comments. I am learning from you too.

YM Leow said...

Women are like the police. They have all the evidence, but they still want a confession.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Mike...

Only lawyers talk that way..true.. have to be careful with women. Thanks for your good legal comment..