Thursday, March 13, 2008

When you can't sexually satisfy your partner!

I was asked this question once. When a husband can't sexually satisfy the wife, can she seeks the court for a divorce? Some said yes and some said no.

As far as I am concerned, when two persons are in love, they should be responsible to each other. The man provides and she cares for him. He should work hard to shower her all that she needs. In turn she gives her best to appease his wants. In order to fulfill all the obligation, sex is an important part of their marriage life. A sensible man should know how to keep and maintain his health. If he only knows how to make money and not taking care his health, surely his sex life would be affected. Sometimes the blame might not be just the man alone. Woman could also lose interest in sex due to many reasons. Like depression or hormone imbalance.

Like I mentioned earlier, if the couple is truly in love, they should be able to communicate and solve things out. Whether is the man or the lady, who has lost interest on sex, both of them should seek medical for remedy. There are many types of treatment which could bring sex life to the couple again. Just that they need a lot of patience and encouragement to seek advices and assistance. On the hand, if either one isn't prepared to see a doctor and still insist to request for a divorce, I think they have already lost their true love in their relationship. In love, there are always the patience, giving, affection, concern and sacrifices. Once the ingredients of love are lost, the magic of it would definitely disappear at the same times. Perhaps divorce is the better solution to both parties concerned.

Therefore when you want to be in love, make sure you are capable to make love and be sexually active as well. As sex is an important part of life to all men and women. Don't laugh coz this is true fact of life again.

Are you aware that: "Sometimes in life we wear so many masks that it becomes difficult to see your true self."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
It is really not easy to sexually satisfy your partner, as we are
aware of the number of sex scandles within the society lately.
You topic on "China Dolls Are Here"
dated Jan.14, 2008 is another
reminder for couples who take sex
for granted.
Thank you for the good advice.
From: Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat..

In life we make mistake, including love mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers of life. We learned by mistakes but just that there are many who don't learn. I am sure not you. Thanks again for your comments.

Anonymous said...

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