Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An ounce of courage to remove ton of distress.

At every stage of life, we have challenges. At every level of status, we meet obstacles. The higher we climb, the more lonesome one would face. Just like, one of my closed friend/client, SM whom I met this afternoon. SM had came a long way from the bottom he rose. Started as a small little venture twenty years ago, SM is currently a Chairman of his own International House. From the external look, he is respected highly in every way. However a lot of his problems were hardly known to others. He is currently faced with unsolved matters related to a huge oversea project. He could not mention the financial weaknesses to his people for fear of loosing their moral and confidence. Neither could he speak to his friends or associates because they might jeopardize his project. He did not want to share his frustration to his loving wife coz he did not want to burden her. His children are too young to understand. The only energy he could gain was to pray silently to his God which was only of one direction without any physical reply.

Although I am a life Insurance Agent, I played a role of a faith healer who listens and to understand. With plenty of encouragement and patience given to SM, he poured out all his problems and fear to me. He spoke his heart and mind, like a child telling his fear to his father. He was emotional and stressful all the time. I was honoured to have the opportunity to listen his mind of secret and expectation of his life. I understood his thought. With his permission, I raise my voice to tell him, "SM, I have known you for too long. I believe you are a man of responsibility and have commitment. You do have character and ability. Forget your fear. Listen to your heart, work with your mind and I know you will be able to go through. Just do it. For I know you have the strength and will power to make it."

SM had spoken hours when I was listening. I just uttered the one minute statement which changed his entire mindset from fear to hope now. He felt so relieved to hear those words of faith. They reinforced his energy and aspiration. Finally he stood up and said, "Yes! I will do it and I must make it."

Moral of the story; "It only takes an ounce of courage to remove a ton of distress."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

It is normal for each and everyone of us to have fear & doubts and these are the factors the made us
negative & feeling down.

The moment we can overcome them by self-confidence, encouragement and
positive advices from friends then
we can feel GREAT again!

Thank you for sharing with your

From : Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat,

I am glad you are back in my comment's column. You are right.. be an energy giver to others.


This really a good blog in giving advises from an experienced man in life.

Thanks for sharing

Happy blogging..I will tag this blog

Robert Foo said...

Hi Fadzlan.

Thanks for your sincere compliment. To me..Happiness is to make others more happier. Read your blog too. You had written something on 'A Map of My Mind'. Well done young Architect. I am sure you will do well in life.