Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Groom your children with love.

Tesh is only 13 years old. She is adorable, loving and intelligent, who speaks a few languages. Each time when I met her, she would meet me with a smile and an opened arm to hug. Her voice is always full of sweetness and confidence. The credit she be given to her single mother, who groomed and taught her with love and passion since she was conceived. Even when her mother was pregnant, she talked to her with feeling. She fondled her stomach with care and concern, kept telling she loved her. As a little baby, her mother whispered near to her tender ear with words of 'Sweetheart I love you.' The love never stopped. Her mother kept flowering more passion and sweetness to the growing daughter. They bathed together like lovers. They slept hugging with joy. Both mother and child always had the skin to skin contact. Sometimes when Tesh made mistakes, instead of shout and yell, mother would provide advices and encouragement to her. To let her go the extra miles, a lot of patience and motivation were given. With all these qualities of teaching plus plenty of love, Tesh has grown to be a very independence and capable young lady. She is currently studying in Beijing, China. Her mother who is a very closed friend of mine, resides in Malaysia.

In order for a child to grow with love and passion, in medical term, it is recommended to teach them from young. As early as on conceiving period to the age of seven. If the child is given love and attention within these period of growing, you rest assure, the child grows to be loving and caring for the rest of his life. However if the child is injected with hate and violent, especially at this tender age, most likely he would grow to be arrogance, ill manner and selfish a person.

For those ignorant parents who had never given love to their children while they were young, it is still not too late to apply now. Coz love has the magical force which would overrule all obstacles of misery. Remember anger leads to hate. Whereas love creates happiness. Thanks to Tesh mum who had taught me to understand deeper of what is true love from the heart.

Food for the heart; "When love comes to you, don't refuse it by thinking you are not worthy. You are worthy, or love couldn't come your way." - John Roger


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

We can be calm and patience the moment we can tame our monkey mind.
This requires self-cultivation.

Thanks again for sharing your experience!

From Young Kat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
The above comment is meant for the
topic "Relax & Calm is Different".
Sorry for being careless!
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat..

You could be calm all the time but this time I think you are not relaxed when you over looked the topic. Any way, thanks for the sincere comments.