Saturday, March 22, 2008

Love yourself first before you can sell.

There was a lady associate who was not doing well in her selling of life insurance. She had been in our business for many years. Over a cup of coffee, she seeks my advices. From her words I realised, she was very down, depressed and negative in thinking. Without the true happiness in her heart, selling life insurance was not easy coz our job needs to see and talk to people. Her face looked dull and unpleasant, which was not a good personality for meeting prospects. I told her, you had to love yourself first before you could sell yourself. She could not understand my wisdom. Before she left, I told her I would bring magic to her. Please wait for my text messages from tomorrow onwards.

The next morning I sent her this sms message. Written as; "My dear, although you have witty naughtiness, you are an attractive intelligent lady. Please smile coz you will make many happy."
She replied, "Thank you handsome. You really made my day :))"

The next day, I continued with another message sent; "Dear, God has blessed you with attractiveness. Please use your intelligence to reach out and touch more lives. I strongly believe you can. Do it now!" She responded, "Yes. I am sure I can. Thank you."

The third day, I received a late evening call from her. She was very excited coz she had closed a fairly reasonable big case unexpectedly. Later she sent me another message written as, "Yea. Thanks for you super moral support."

Moral of the story. When she wasn't happy within herself, love wasn't growing. Her pride returned, when she was complimented with the beauty of being an attractive and intelligent a lady. She has to love herself first before she could love others. I had casted the belief of faith and confidence in her. This is the miracle of love again to do well in life.

Meaningful phrase; "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

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