Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To appreciate sex, open your eyes.

Love is blind. Can sex be blind too! Out of curiosity, I asked this interesting behaviour with many; "When you have sex with your partner, do you open your eyes?" I was surprised that most were frank to reveal that they preferred their eyes to be closed. Those who love to appreciate sex and romance, keep their eyes opened. One lady explained, if you want to admire a piece of clothing, you have to see to appreciate the beauty of the entire dress. The colour, texture, pattern and design are all important to her sight. Similarly when you have intention to make love, the sight is more important than touch, smell, voice and taste. Touch is sensation, smell is exciting, voice is attraction and taste is seducing. With sight you appreciate the entire piece of attraction in the art of making love. The minute you close your eyes while making love, without you knowing, you blind your thought. You blind the admiration of your partner who also likes to see your expression with an opened eyes. Eye to eye, the feeling of acceptance is greater, sexual desire increases and excitement is higher in intensity. Those who claimed they like love making, appreciate sex with an opened eyes. Coz they are not afraid or shameful to be sighted while having sex with their loves.

Conclusion; "Don't let our eyes be blinded in life. Darn to see to appreciate the beauty of love and romance."

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