Sunday, March 30, 2008

Express gratitude joyfully and openly

Zarina is an attractive intelligent lady whom I just met recently. With my confidence and understanding, she was brave to reveal her heart. She is in her thirties and still single. With her strict parental background plus firm religious faith, it was not easy for her to meet the right man during her earlier age. By chance, she was introduced to a man whom she has not physically seen. They are cyber friends for almost three months. According to Zarina, the man fits well in all ways. He is older by one year to her. A widower who has a child. He loves poems and poetry. Successful in his own business too. From his photo, he looks handsome and tall, which is one of her requirement. In fact, this virtual friend had confessed his love many times already by emails, text messages and on telephones. He wrote a wonderful message to her, "I am willing to hold your hand forever because I truly love you so much." From Zarina explanation, statements, expression and words, I know the lady has fallen in love with the man from afar. However till this point, she has not shown or reveal her mind and heart to the man yet. Excitingly she seek my advice, "Robert, what should I do now?"

I told her, "Zarina, I know you have feeling for this man. Please don't let him to guess your thought and feeling. Moreover he can't even see and touch you, except the virtual senses. He had made his move and standing. If truly you have some interest in him, its high time you should express them out to him. Your pride and self esteem are holding back your feeling. If he guesses wrongly, you might loose a chance to know him better. Most man would not have all the patience to wait for his ideal lady. Tell him a little about your liking and give some sincere encouragement to him. Without your sweet words and feminine charm, he might not go further to love you. Just tell him your feeling and love will have the magic to spackle the relationship further."

She was so happy with my words that she promised to take action immediately. Her eyes were full of joy and excitement. I did not know, at my age I could still spur younger woman to fall in love. I wish her best of luck.

Moral of the story; Don't let pride and self esteem to hold back your feeling. When you like the person tell him or her. Coz is never wrong to tell your feeling. In fact you make the listener loves you more. Remember; "Express gratitude joyfully and openly."


Anonymous said...

great words and great story!
but sometimes men act so unlogical, that we, women, can`t undersand them..and we don`t know how to act, because, we are afraid..for instance, i fell in love, but i really afraid, that this man doesn`t feel same feelings..and i don`t want my heart to hurt.
Tell me , please, can a woman do a first step in the relationshoips?is it rigth or wrong ?

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous..

Never be afraid to fall in love. Normally is the man leads and the lady accepts. The woman has the femine charm to tickle the man who has the interest on her. Is not wrong to be the first to show your liking in a man you adore. Life has mistakes and mistakes are our teachers...including love mistakes.

I don't think is wrong for a woman to do the first step in relationship either. To fall in love you need courage and sincerity of the heart.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing so wonderful stories!really, yor blog helps to solve not only personal problems, but to find a garmony inside my own heart as well.Thank you!good luck!:)

Greeting from Latvia:)


Robert Foo said...

Hi Latvia...

I am equally glad that my blog could harmonize your heart. Thank you for reading and commenting my blog here.