Sunday, March 09, 2008

That Blossom was voluptuous.

As I was doing my shopping round, there came a lady with her extremely big bust. I could not pretend that I wasn't staring. I guessed her blossom could be as huge as cup size F or higher of 42 above. I was sure my palm hand could not hold her entire breast and they were even broader than my face. Without me realising my sweetheart was watching me. She propped, "Darling, do you like it?" I gave my remark, "Dear, that was voluptuous!!!!" My mouth was watering, "Slurrrrrrpppp!!!"

According to my dear, not all females like big busts, especially the extraordinary huge one. The bigger the size, the more difficult to maintain and to care. Exercising could be difficult, running is tough and movement is restricted to a certain extent. A big bust cannot be reduced but a small one has a chance to be bigger. I am sure to all females, their blossom are the important part of themselves. Their external beauties are highly graded from their bust line features. And male cannot live without the sight of this special creation of the woman blossom. Whether they are small or big busts, man will always have the sensational feeling when they are allowed to smell, see, taste and touch them. Man can't live alone. Neither can woman, when man isn't around to admire and love woman.

Food for the heart, "It is through love that we elevate ourselves. And it is through our love for others that we assist others to elevate themselves." - M. Scott Peck, M.D.

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