Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sex resolves quarrels.

There was a worldwide survey done on sex behaviour, which I think is interesting. Are you aware, European women have more sex when they don't feel secured in the family? However when they are established, they have lesser sex. Comparing to the Asian, where I am now, women have lesser sex when they have complication at home. Reason was not given. With my own assumption and logic, I think the European females are smarter than the Asian. When the family has got problem, more sex might bond the couple closer again. You can have quarrels with your spouse, but the minute the couple has sex together, all anger and temper will be released. Further conflicts or frustration could be erased. After sex, the couple will forgive and forget each other. So the next time, when you have misunderstanding with your lover, stop all activities and just jump onto bed for the sexual distressing. You will be surprised how all problems could be solved so rapidly. Peace not war.

Another fact written by the survey. Out of four Japanese, only one would have regular sex. The other three have forgotten what is sex. They are so bogged down by their work, they just don't have time for making love. I think the Japanese is a very progressive and hard working people. But without a complete satisfying sex life, perhaps they could be living a very stressful lives as well. All works no play, makes Jack a dull boy! All works no sex, makes Jap a stressful boy!

This was given by an interesting friend. "7-Days makes one week. 7-days of sex makes one weak. But no sex in a week makes one sick. However, good sex once a week makes one seek! Have you had yours this week?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Thank you for reminding, "Make Love, No War" to your readers.
Hopefully with this topic you can
help some stressful & frustrated couples.
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat..

Also not forgetting with ourselves too...Make Love, No War... Thanks.