Sunday, March 02, 2008

Laugh, cry and yell louder if you can.

Not many know how to laugh and cry. Most people laugh inside their heart. Unwilling to show for fear of being laughed by others. Shyness could be one of the reason. Instead of throwing out the laugh, you might just giggle with a short breath or smile. Worst would be the 'cry' for crying is sorrowful. Everyone hides their cries because we do not like being seen with our tears. Sometimes happiness could lead to cry with tears of love. Whether we laugh or cry, both are emotional feeling of our mind. They distress and undress our worries and anxiety of living. If you need to laugh or cry, perhaps yelling out whole heartily would be the best for the mind and heart. Especially when both lovers are engrossed over a love making session. The woman could be at the peak of her climax and her man is at the highest of his erection, yell if they could. Because that is the time, when laugh and cry are both stimulated in their mind of intensity. They distress and undress their emotional acceptance of love by watching each other face to face, and eye to eye with contentment and satisfaction of life.

Life has no meaning when there is no laugh and cry. Please try to laugh as much as you can, and cry a little at time to soothe your heart. But never forget to YELL when you need to yell. For all these gestures of behaviour are needed in our life.

For those who pursuit love; "If a tear fell from my eyes, everytime I wished you were with me. I would have a puddle of fallen wishes at my feet."

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