Monday, March 24, 2008

Without manhood, man will loose his drive in life.

Bill has been selling life insurance for almost twenty years with us. Ever since he felt sick 2 years ago, things were not pretty good on his side. His wife asked for a separation, friends were moving away from him and he has low esteem drive to sell. He still needs to work coz he has to maintain his personal and children education. He was extremely worried over his business.

Yesterday with some hesitation, he walked into my office room. He asked, "Robert, please tell me how you gathered so much of joy and energy to sell. You are always cheerful, enthusiastic and willing to share and assist others. I am at lost! Can you help me?"

I could see Bill's eyes were sad and depressed. Immediately I stopped all my work and listened to this frustrating colleague who needed attention. He was a successful agent prior to his sickness which brought him down. He was a happy person before. Not until when his wife left him with hatred and anger. Presently he does not have love and happiness in his heart. He was not closing cases. In fact most of his friends and clients were avoiding him. Is natural, most people only like to deal with successful person. A fact we can never deny in life. Some who bought insurance from Bill were more for sympathizing him. In the long run, he could die by a natural death.

As I gathered more feedback from Bill, he was frank to relate he had lost interest in LOVE and SEX. For the last two years out of frustration and depression , he had abstained from sex totally. He is an impotent person who does not feel proud of himself. Without manhood, man would loose his personal drive in life. Initially he dislikes woman for fear of his impotency. Subsequently without love from woman, he gradually loose the happiness of living. Without happiness, he looses his drive in career. I always believe this phrase, "A happy heart sees a beautiful world." Bill has a very unhappy heart without love, he sees the world as ugly.

I advised Bill, the first thing he has to do is to correct his defect. Impotency can be cured. He could seek the clinical way or another recommended method is by traditional penis massage plus herbal treatment. As he had parked his penis at the wrong place for too long and not utilising it at all, caused it to be malfunction temporary. Is like he had parked his car in the garage and never got it started for years. If he goes for the massage for a couple of weeks, I assured him, those stimulation and treatment could restore his strength and vitality again. With manhood, I am sure, Bill will be proud and excited. With desire he might later look for his love. With the passion of love given by a true loving woman, Bill would be happy. If his heart is full of love and joy again, I am sure his personal drive and enthusiasm of work will be increased. He doesn't need a sale talk to motivate him but rather a counselling of love and sex to restore his full manhood. I was glad, I could make him understand the facts of life, Love has miracle. I played the role of a faith healer again.

Mark Twain spoken; "Dance like nobody's watching. Love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening. Live like it's heaven on earth." If we do have this energy, nothing will stop us from getting what we want in this world.

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