Saturday, March 01, 2008

Only the brave can feel young.

Growing old is mandatory but growing young is your choice. I challenge myself to grow young. Growing young has to be brave. You need courage to feel, behave, think and act young. One of the thing which I had never done before, was to buy a special female undergarment to the lady I adored and admired. I had seen many younger couples of today who shared to buy such gifts together. I told myself, I have to give myself a chance to experience once how the feeling is like.

Today I had a chance to walk into a shopping mall with a special lady. As I was passing an undergarment store with a sale promotion on, I asked the lady, "Sweetheart, can you allow me to buy you a set of colourful bra and pantie as a gift from my heart." I thought she would be angry but instead she replied, "Dear, of course. It will be wonderful and you have to choose for me."

In the shop, there were more women than men. Men were just standing there to wait for their ladies. I was a little shy and scared but I had to be brave to pick the right choices for her. There were many fanciful bras and panties of various colour and size. I liked the pink and black sets. With a little imagination of my lady features, I requested for the size of Cup B of 34 for the bras. With her permission, I was even allowed to witness the testing in the changing room. I behaved as though I was brave but my heart was actually pumping harder than normal. She complimented me for selecting the right ideal bras of her taste too. We came out of the shop with purchase done happily. Later she texted me with this message, "Hi darling.. I am home. The bras and panties fit well. Thank you so much."

Goosh! It was really an experience. Although it sounds easy but believe me, it is not as easy as what you think. I had learned something from here. It confirmed, to be young, you have to be brave to feel young, no matter what age you are. To my special lady, "Thanks sweetheart for allowing me to feel young again."

Even Mother Theresa once spoken, "Life is an adventure, dare it."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

Be Young, Be Naughty, Be Happy & Be Wise!

Good Experience ! Ha! Ha!

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat,

I like your saying...these are the key words to live. U must try too.
Thanks again.