Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fart at the wrong place.

The lift was full during a peak lunch break. A soundless fart was released. The smell was horrible and unbearable. All the passengers were decently dressed, except one who was poorly clothed. There were remarks like,"What a fucking fart!", "Who was the bastard!" "Why fart here?" Everyone was staring at that guy who didn't dress well. He was quick to respond, "Hey! Hey! not me!!" Someone spoke angrily, "If not you who else? Don't you have manner?" Everyone was covering their noses and ran out immediately when the lift opened on the next floor. I was there as well. I knew was my friend who was giggling all the way. He farted so coolly and yet nobody suspected was him. Because he was in an immaculate personality which saved his face. The poor guy who was so innocent took the blame.

Moral of the story, your dressing and make up are your front runner of life. Whether at work or casual, your personality is judged by the way you present your look. If you want to succeed in the corporate world, look smart and decent for that is the doorway to success.

My belief; "You are judged by how you dress."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man,

Most people judged the book by its cover which is exactly like your belief that you are judged by the way you dressed. This is physical and society is such.

But no beauty is like the beauty of a loving heart. The culprit should apologied in the first place
and the victim should be respected.

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi dear Young Kat..

The world will always has the good and the bad guys. Good alone can't survive without the bad. Both make the world moves. They create Happiness and sorrow. Without sorrow, the good will not appreciate happiness..these are all facts of life we have to face.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

I'm sorry for being so strightfoward and made you feel uncomfortable.

Do tell me when my lips looks more beautiful when closed .

From Young Kat