Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not in love, in love or rejected in love!!

Every human being lives with feeling all the times. Our mind will never stop to think and feel. The only time, our brain ceases to think and function is when we are dead. Love is always a feeling in our heart. As I ponder over this feeling of love, I believe each and everyone would fall into either of these three types. You are either not in love or in love or rejected in love. Which group are you in?

If you are currently still not in love, most likely you have to do things by yourself. You could be happy and at time you could be sad. There are positive and negative energies within yourself. As long as you have good influences around, you would be happy and cheerful. However life is always uncertain,when there are the ups and downs that you have to face. In the events when you are encountered with difficult obstacles and challenges, your mind might be upset and frustrated. Under such circumstances, as you are not in love, you have to accept the situation and to live and solve ways by yourself.

Those who are in love have different feeling and behaving. Love has magical charm which tickles our heart and mind. The magical charm lifts our mind to a floating like in feeling. You are always positive in character. Willing to accept challenges. Looking forward to each day as a happy day. Your eyes sparkle and your face grows with joy. Obstacles would be turned into opportunities. Hardship and work are fun and excitement. You tend to achieve most things you want on earth. Coz you have another love to share the wonderful part of yourself.

Avoid this type as to be rejected in love. Another meaning is love sick. Once happened, all your positive outlook in life will disappear. Your heart saddened and your mind is depressed. There is no cure for love sick. You refused to move. Life is ugly and torturous. Most likely you can't eat and sleep because of the pain in heart. Your face will be sunken to frustration. For sure, you loose weight and look sickly in manner. Every day is an ugly day to you. You have nothing to look forward to in life, unless you can find another love.

Those who are not brave, might choose to remain as neutral. To stay away and not to fall in love. Because in love, it has the joy and pain. For those like me, who accept great challenges of life, will never be afraid to be in love. Coz I believe Love has magic which will lead me to the freedom world of joy. I know pain is part of love but with plenty of patience, tolerance and understanding of life, I would sail to avoid the painfulness of love. To my sweetheart, lets pick to be in love and face the world with loving courage. Will you?

Food for the heart; "Becoming free is not changing yourself into someone you think you should be. Becoming free is falling in love with who you are - right now."


Reem said...

I've been through those three stages and I'm currently in the not in love stage. I am still, unfortunately, trying to find a way to be single and happy but I find that very hard to do. Especially since I'm a sensitive person and need to feel loved at all times-just makes it a bit harder. I am trying, though.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Reem...

I am sure you are truly an experience ex-lover who had gone throught the up & down of romance. Mistakes are our teachers of life..including love mistakes. To be in love, needs courage. Give yourself another chance again to be in love. U will be a better lover now. Thank you for reading my blog.