Monday, March 17, 2008

Be brave to tell your feeling & thought.

Hi readers, I am back after a short break. Over a holiday, I learned something from some whispers. Communication skill is important, on all aspect of life. Whether in business or over with your love partners.

This is interesting. A couple was on a honeymoon. After a long trip, finally they managed to check into their romantic room for the night. After a hot shower together, they were anxiously getting ready to bed. They hugged and kissed lovingly under the blanket. With a soft voice, the lady sounded to her lover, "Darling, aren't you going to sleep?" She repeated that questions three times. He heard every single word. He thought she was tired after the long journey and wanted to sleep early. He replied her, "Yes! dear we should sleep then." It was their honeymoon when they both had the urge to make love dearly. However both thought that they were tired and were not ready to have a heavy workout for the night. Both did not sleep well either. In fact, they were waiting for each other to have intimacy.

What a waste of the night for this couple, who should be having a good love making session on their honeymoon, but instead they slept with uneasiness and dissatisfaction. The blame was mainly, they did not communicate to understand each other well. Moreover they were too shy to admit their feeling. Should she had said, "Darling, I love you and need you", things would have happened differently. That statement was a true feeling of the evening, compared to her weak question of "Darling, aren't you going to sleep?" which was very subjective and debatable.

Moral of the story, tell exactly how you feel rather than letting your listener to guess your thought. This is what I called the art of communication.

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