Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Ins agent is also a faith healer & preacher.

Scientists had discovered our brains have a natural fluid called 'Endogenous Opioids', a chemical which could heal our body and to feel better if it's being released. During the pre-historical period when there was no medicine, the sick were healed by only faith healers. They gave only non medical powder or water which worked like miracle. In fact it wasn't magic but merely the faith to believe created the secretion of this fluid, Endogenous Opioids which actually healed those who were sick. It was a natural immune system which everyone of us has got but just that whether one has the strong mind to believe.

Faith healers have the power to convince your belief to heal your illness. Or another effective spiritual leader who could convince your belief with a fate, helps you to feel better of accepting holiness. These two benefits work because of the Endogenous Opioids in our brain. As I am a committed life insurance agent, I worked almost like a faith healer cum a preacher. I sold the belief of life insurance. I offered Peace of Mind to those who bought. My preaching indirectly helped their brains to secrete their chemical of Endogenous Opioids into their system. They feel good, wonderful, nice and confidence in thinking. In turn they lived more healthier in life. For those of my clients who were sick, I tried my level best to heal them again with the reinforcement of the power of faith. Believe me, it worked because all our mind have this God given chemical of self healing.

If you want to be an effective Life Insurance Agent, learn to be a faith healer and preacher as well. Coz selling alone isn't enough, faith healing and preaching complete the total confidence of an agent.

My belief, "The one who is honest and has a true heart will always feel light and tension free."


Anonymous said...

I`ve never tried this method however I`m working for a Toronto life insurance company. The idea is very convincing and I hope that you can help to those people turn to you with their problems. I think that it could be really hard to separate these two things the faith and life insurance plans because the latter is merely material phenomenon which of course provides security. I would say keep your enthusiasm and keep on if you can see you can really help.

Robert Foo said...

Hi toronto broker...

I am sure we both think alike coz we believe the faith in life insurance. Thank you for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

To be able to provide a service with love, care, self-confidence and a ray of hope will always lead us to success to all our future undertakings.
Do you agree?

From Young Kat.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat,

You are totally right. In fact, just with will overrule all matters. If u had read some of my titles of love, love has got creates miracle beyond your belief. A person who has love tend to do better than one who has less. Just observe around and u will see the wanders of love. Thanks again.