Thursday, March 20, 2008

The sweetest three words on earth.

The sweetest three words on earth are the 'I Love You'. However the funny part of it, is, when you don't mean it, they could be easily uttered or spoken. If you really mean them, these simple three words are so difficult to express them out.

Take for instance, you might be telling to your friends you do love your parents. If you had never spoken those words to them before, you might find it difficult to relate to them in person. You could be appreciating your friends who had assisted you in many ways, but to acknowledge them with the 'I love You' is always not easy. Or you had no intention to fall in love with a lady or a gentleman, but just to appease them, it is easy to say 'I Love You'. Not when you have finally fallen in love with a person, to confess to her/him is shameful. To the man it takes a lot of courage to say the I Love You to his woman. To the woman, the I Love You could be kept only to her heart coz true love is supposed to be secret for female.

Whether it is meant to be true, I believe everyone likes to hear and to receive these three sweet words on earth. Tell them to your families, friends, clients, employers, staffs or people you are in contact with, and you will be amazed how joyful they are. Especially to the one you love most at the moment, the I Love You will definitely melt that particular person. Remember Love has magic.

I learned from my sweetheart; "Laughter is the best medicine. But love is the greatest healer of them all. Let love leads, then laughter would be sweeter."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Thank you for reminding me on the magical words "I LOVE U". May I take this opportunity to invite all your readers to say it more often to your loved ones, friends & business associates and give a feed-back on how it works for them?
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat..

I love you. Your comment is just too good. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Kat,

Read a few of your comments in Young Man's blog.

Seems like your comments are not bad at all. I'm curious about your age anyway.... in the thirties or younger than that???

Just wanted to know if my guess is correct?

Fr: Young Heart

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Heart!
Age is not a barrier for anyone
to make friends. As our 'Young Man' says, "The Art of Communication" is more important.
In times of political & economic
uncertainty, inflations - we tend
to be not so generous when money is concerned. But at least, don't
be stingy with your words.
Our 'Young Man' is sharing with us with his knowledge & wisdom and we being his readers have benefited.
As for myself, I am grateful for
his generosity & wrote a few sincere words to thank him.
Oh! I manage to catch your attention also !
I love you ! Hope you can give a
feed-back on how it works for you!
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Heart & Young Kat..

I am glad I had created so many young thoughts in this blog...keep feeling young in mind and heart. Thanks for your words in this comment...

Anonymous said...

Hello Young Kat,

Thanks for your reply. You are right! Age is not a barrier in building a friendship.

We should thank Young Man too b'coz without him I've got no chance to know you.

Frankly speaking,I've never missed reading his blog everyday. His knowledge and wisdom really opens my mind and expand my thinking too.

So far, I did not give much comments b'coz I'm not good in writing. Nevertheless, he encourages me to write more in order to improve. I promise him that I will try my best!

So, to you, Young Kat and Young Man, I LOVE YOU TOO!!

Muuursch.... Young Heart