Saturday, July 05, 2008

Accident can happen in our home.

Fam had 8 stitches on his forehead and lost one of his front tooth, while going to his toilet in the middle of the night. Prior to his call of nature, he had a muscle cram on his left leg while sleeping. With his muscle pain, he walked to the attached bathroom without the light on. Upon reaching the toilet bow, he had a black-out and accidentally fell onto the bow cover. As Fam is a bachelor, he was knocked unconscious and was bleeding with a deep cut, without anyone to assist him. When he awoke later, he was shocked and surprised, he was lying on the floor rather than on his bed.

Yes! This can happen any time to us. The safest place is the home and yet could be the most dangerous place too. The reason could be simply, we assume the home is a place without danger where its a paradise to us. Fam case was a recent domestic accident but I had countless serious home accidents which I had encounted.

Another interesting case. Muljit slipped from her first floor stairway to the lower ground. The maid had cleaned the entire floor so well. It was shinning and was slippery. She skied all the way down with legs first. Upon reaching the lower floor, her entire body crushed against the wall. The impact was so great, she broke one of her leg and fracture her spine. She had to go for several surgery corrections before she could walk properly again. Her medical cost was a bomb.

Another one to laugh! Mazura was cooking at home. She saw her cat leaping towards their dinning table where food were laid. Spontaneously she turned to chase her away. As she was moving, without her realising, her sarong slipped and loosen. Accidently she stepped upon the lower part of her sarong. She lost her control due to the fast twist and turn of her body movement. Her fall was a painful one because she broke her left arm and right leg. An accident she did not want.

I could give you more cases. The fact is, accident can happen in your home. Don't take for granted but be careful at all times when you are back in your house. My above three clients were lucky. Because non needed to pay for the high medical charges incurred. I took care of them because they have been strong believers in life insurance.

Remember my belief - "Take life insurance when you don't need it coz when you need it, you can't buy."

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