Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't waste water.

I received a wisdom message from a great friend, Panjanathan. Good things must be shared.

"Oh Yes! As one gets wiser and sees beyond....Barriers evaporate, Frontiers open, a New Life lies ahead. Once my Guru told me.... About Water. Water is for life. Water is life. Water is NOT for Thirst! People remember Water when they are Thirsty. Just like Many think of GOD ... ONLY when they have problems. Never waste Water. Never Take GOD LIGHTLY. Put HIM first and ALL will fall Right... my Guru."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!

Congratulations to our friend Panjanathan, who is lucky to have a virtuous Guru !!
I have a poem to share about Water:-!

A viruous person is just like water
The source of water is everlasting and it nourish all nature
It has ability and does not fight against odds
It flows into lower place
Water has a soft nature but can fight the hard
Having good nature and never dislike the located in lower place
Joyfully to look at clear spring water running & splashing !

A virtuous person is lively and flexible and able to act according to circumstances. This is like water which follows the shape of its container and becomes square or round. Water can benefit all living things, but it does not contend with them.

For all matters, if we can endure a little and be a bit more patient, and if we can withdraw a bit and give a little way to others, we'll naturally find a wide sea and a spacious sky before us and feel easy and worryfree.

I hope your readers will find the abovementioned meaningful.

From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Did not know water has so much of meaning!! I have two Gurus to share their wisdom now. Thank you for your sharing. I am sure those who read this title will be enlightened by you.