Saturday, July 26, 2008

Identifying & Qualifying prospects first.

Identifying and qualifying prospects in our business are vital important. Failure to do so, will cause a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction. Today one of my associate agent, felt extremely upset over a client. Two years ago, out of hunger in gathering business, she sold a new client a life insurance policy with full discount given. According to her, without the rebate, the client would not pick up the plan. Although she wasn't earning from this sale, her client insisted high expectation from her. During this last two years, this particular client demanded attention and services. If for some reasons, she could not answer his calls for being busy, he would harass her until she responded. To make thing worst, the client met an accident, when he lost one of his ear hearing. The pitiful agent tried her level best to submit his accidental partial disable claim, which wasn't appreciated. He insisted the insurance company, staffs and agent to act immediately. Not only he scolded this stressful agent, he yelled at those who received his telephone calls and had intention to write official complaints for delaying his payment.

I considered this client as most unreasonable and selfish. He wasn't prepared to pay for services as he insisted on full rebate, but at the same time he wanted full professional attention. How could our economical world survives, when everyone takes and no one pays. When you ask for a discount, you might expect a discounted services.

Thanks God! Although my associate agent had made a big blunder by giving her earning away, she still had not back out. Stressful though, she managed to get the cheque claim for this unreasonable client. I am sure she had learned a good lesson. Identifying and qualifying a prospect is important. If you don't feel comfortable and easy with a prospect, don't deal business with him. A good client is one who respects and willing to pay an agent to serve. Similarly a professional agent is one who sells with dignity and sincerity. The minute you give away your earning, you loose the respect from your prospective client. I hope all my fellow colleagues in this industry would learn.

Specially to this associate agent who almost cried when the above happened. Food for thought; "To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking" - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

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