Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why my dad isn't a happy man?

Was having a chat with a sweet young thing (SYT) lately. She was complaining, her father was getting irritated easily, hot temper and arrogance most of the time. The only person who is staying with him now is the mother who has to tolerate his nuisance. She thought the father is getting old. Out of curiosity I asked SYT, "How old are your dad and mum?" She said her father is 66 and the mother is 64. I checked with SYT again, "Before you claim your dad is old. May I know your dad is healthy and strong?"

SYT said her dad is healthy. He still goes along with the wife to play tai' chii' almost everyday with friends. The couple walked a lot at the park. His appetite is good as the wife knows how to cook well. He is extremely strong and he helped to provide handy work for his own and children houses.

I told SYT, "Ahhha!!! your dad isn't old. He is hungry?" SYT was puzzled. I continued, "A hungry person is an angry person. Your dad is suffering from silent sorrow syndrome."

Although the man is 66, as he is still fit, he needs sex to fulfill his physical satisfaction as a strong and healthy person. No normal healthy man can abstain from sex. The more he suppresses his urge, the more frustrated the man would be. To the children, the mother and father could be a happy couple from the outside, but I guessed, inside the curtain the man faces sorrow and depression. As woman could live without man or even discard sex as they aged, not man immaterial of what age we are. The wife could care for him but might neglect to satisfy him sexually. He is a hungry man and a hungry man is always an angry man. This is man's problem, "Silent Sorrow."

My friendly advice to SYT. You might not be able to understand your parents and not easy to discuss such matters with your mother or dad, but you could suggest them to read this blog. The only person who could assist the man is the woman. As I had written earlier in my previous title, woman has 99 things to be contented in lives but man only needs one to be contented. Is Sex! Ideally to have it with the one he loves. Otherwise the hungry man could really age faster as expected without sex. For the females, if you happened to see an angry and frustrated man, please be careful, because he isn't a satisfied person.

Food for the heart. "Love & sex is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible, it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could" - Barbara DeAngalis.

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