Friday, July 04, 2008

Birds & bees came into my life.

My home has been very quiet since my children have migrated. Not like before when the place was like a war zone with all my grand children around. Lately I had countless uninvited guests and I was happy that they came. Although my house was just a simple linked house with a small garden, birds and bees surprisingly make home here. Perhaps they want to accompany me.

Two little blue and white colour birds, make their nest just in front my front door, where I have many potted plants. Later two eggs were laid, hatched and their family is now of four. I could see the dad and mum are taking turns to feed their young chicks. They are a very happy family without doubt. I never see them quarrel, yell or shout. The male is very protective and he looks very faithful to his mate. How I wish, man and woman can live like them! They don't have greed, hate and sadness. Their love for each other is strong and bonded till death. Mankind is considered as smarter and yet we can't have the heart of the birds which is so pure and sincere.

Further out in the garden, those bees have built a sizable nest. They started small in number but gradually they increase by the days. I was lucky, they did not sting me even when I was moving around their nest. I believe they have senses as well, knowing I am the master of the house and they are only my guests. With a little knowledge I learned when I was younger, bees are like an army who survives with a purpose. They come in different status and ranking. Each has a role to play, in order to protect their colony. Their colony is ruled by a queen. All bees are prepared to protect and to die for their queen, in the event if they are being attacked. Their team work is marvellous and their planning is systematic. If only our world could live like the bees, there will be more peace and harmony all round.

They used to claim that 'bird & bee' are related to love and sex. I wonder why they came together into my life at this moment of time. Are they telling me that I should love more and continue to have more sex too. Please someone tell me.

Food of the thought -"Live, Laughter & Love. Live happily! Laugh a lot! Love more."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I would like to share with you from a spiritual point of view.

By connecting yourself with the birds and bees is pointing out that all living beings are united by the life force within them. The drive to survive and thrive in us is the very same drive that also exists in everything from the largest creatures to the smallest insects. When we recognise this,
we can begin to see ourselves as part of nature rather than apart from nature. Meaning we are in the flow of the universe.

In terms of appeareance, the birds & bees seemed different from a human being, but at a fundamental
level it is exactly like us - a manifestation of life - "All are One".

They represent the attainment of True Tranquility. If we have it, then it won't matter what kind of noises & distractions are present in our surroundings. Like them, we can still be relaxed & at peace even when the enviornment is less than ideal.

This is what you actually need - not a Tranquil Evironment but a
Tranquil Heart. This is the sort of tranquility that can be everlasting, because it remains constant regardless of the changes in the environment.

Whenever you find yourself under stress, recall the birds & bees
and you will realise that it's not about running away to a remote location where no one can bother you.

Instead, its all about the calmness
& serenity within as of this very moment.

Do you agree with my point of view?

From : Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Ah ha! I finally had someone brave enough to tell about the birds & the bees. You are right in every sense, calmness and serenity are important in our life. Without them, we are going to be more stressful and taxing in lives. In fact, the world started with true tranquility when all living creatures and plants were living in harmony together. Sad to say, it was man who changed the tranquil envirolment that eroded the calmness. I am certainly glad that the birds & bees came to offer me peace again.

Your comments are most appreciated. Thank you.