Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heart2heart listening is more powerful.

I had not spoken with Sally on phone for many years. Before she left for Taiwan, she wasn't a happy lady. I had a chance to speak to her last night. Her voice was full of joyful vibration. I told her, "Sally, you are a different person now." She was surprised. She thought I was just trying to guess or was pulling her legs. Although I could not see her face on phone, I definitely could hear her voice clearly. My heart was listening her heart which could be felt.

My senses were correct. Sally late husband was abusive. She never had a chance to live a happy life. After her husband's death, there were many men who came into Sally's lives. Regrettably all those men were unfaithful and had bad intention over this approachable lady. Out of frustration, she gave up her job and went abroad to seek her venture. In Taiwan, she met a simple and single man, who truthfully loves her. Recently together with her soul mate, they came back to start life here. The man is prepared to accept Sally three grown up children too. Love is with Sally.

When she is happy, the heart speaks accordingly. Not like before, when she pretended to speak happily, her heart betrayed her sorrow. I am glad my good friend doesn't need to be a hypocrite anymore. This saying is true again, "A happy heart sees a beautiful world."

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