Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Like & enjoy could be two different things.

Do you like your job or do you enjoy your work? Personally I think those who like their jobs without enjoying their work, might eventually not like it later. Take my insurance industry as an example. Many who came into the life insurance selling, were promised the rewarding career. They like the lucrative income, the incentive oversea trips, the competition challenges and the recognition awards. These tempting benefits are likable to every new recruits. On the hand, they never learn to enjoy the work. To enjoy the work, they have to like meeting people in the first place. While meeting people, they have to be honest to themselves. Do you like to understand people, to solve people problems, to help when necessary even without closing sales, to go the extra miles just to make others happy, to share their sorrow and joy, to make sure all claims are delivered and promise you will always be in this career forever. If you don't enjoy the above, most likely you would not like the job.

My past experiences tell me, if an agent never learn to enjoy to like his job, his chances to remain permanently could be very slim. Should an agent enjoys his work, I am sure he would like to stay on forever with it. In any profession and business, I think this principle applies. Learn to enjoy whatever you do and you will like it definitely. Including love and romance. If I had not learned to enjoy the companionship with my little darling, I won't have like and love her so much today. Many romances failed because they thought they like and love each other at the beginning. Time will tell when they don't enjoy their companionship. Learn to enjoy love and you will like love and romance more.

Conclusion - "Like alone may not lead to enjoying. Enjoying will make you like."

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