Sunday, July 06, 2008

Need you or love you!

This is one statement which will confuse many lovers. "I Love you not because I need you, BUT, I need you because I love you." To a true gentleman who loves his lady for not just lust and desire, he can claim this as sincere; "I love you not because I need you." His love for her is from the heart, to care for her, to protect her, to give her affection, to make her happy, and to love her whole heartily. To the lady who falls for his love, she has to say, "I need you because I love you." Haven't seen him for awhile, she bounds to miss chatting with him, misses his touch, misses his body, misses his cuddle, misses his smell and misses everything from him. She is sad because she needs him. This is love!

Sometimes we wonder whether we need each other or we love each other. You have to find out yourself. I strongly believe we have to prove our love before we could need our love. One thing for sure, "I will never love a love that loves and I will never hurt a love that loves."


Anonymous said...

heay.. I love this article of yours.. thanks for sharing


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deepa...

If I could made you love this acticle, it must be good coz you are truly an attractive and an intelligent lady.