Thursday, July 31, 2008

A birthday gift on phone.

Today is Bee Lang's birthday. I never failed to call all my friends on their birthdays. As birthday is always the sweetest day for everyone. Isn't it? The following was the chat I had with her on my mobile phone.

Me: "Happy birthday to you my dear, Bee Lang. How are you? You want me to sing you the happy birthday song on phone?"

Lang: "Robert, you never failed to call on my birthday. U do make me happy. At least you call once a year to wish me. Even my husband forgets at times, but definitely not you. You really put him into shame."

Me: "Bee Lang, I might not call you often but the birthday call is a checking call. I want to know how you are, your family and your business."

Lang: "I am okay."

Me: "Are you having a party today?"

Lang: "No! Those were the days we had parties. Not now any more."

Me: "Is your darling husband taking you for a candle light dinner today?"

Lang: "He is not as romantic as you. I wish he is."

Me: "Bee lang, you don't sound very happy! Tell me are you happy?"

Lang:"Yesss! Happppy!"

Me: "Though I can't see u. But your voice on phone sounds dull. I think you are only 60% happy. Are you facing some problems?"

Lang: "Ahhh!! A little!!"

Me: "I am sorry to hear that on your birthday. May be if you try to be happy, you would feel better."

Lang: "How could it be Robert? When I have problems, I will not be happy."

Me: "True! Since today is your birthday, I want to give you a birthday gift on the phone. You want it?"

Lang: "A gift on the phone. How?"

Me: "Yes! My gift is a few words of life. It goes to say. 'A happy heart will see a beautiful world'. Meaning. You will never see a beautiful world if your heart is sad and sorrowful. You might have a problem now. You have a choice to solve it with a happy heart or an unhappy heart. If you think of all the good things you have at the moment, I am sure you will be happy. Use the happy feeling and solve your problem at the sametime. I am sure you will get a better result. However if you choose to feel unhappy of heart, and at the sametime you try to solve your immediate problem, most likely you may not solve it at all. Understand?

Lang: "It sounds logical."

Me: "In short, solve all problems with a happy heart. In turn you will have fun and laughter over them. After all, life has got to be interesting. No matter what happen, see the happy and positive part of it."

Lang: "Thank you Robert. I am glad you called and you have given me a lovely gift of lives."

Food for the thought. "Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will" - Dan Millman

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