Friday, July 18, 2008

How romantic & brave are you?

Over a cup of coffee with some of my naughty intelligent friends, we talked about courage in sex.

The topic was, "where is the most challenging and exciting place to make love." The first choice is the normal bedroom, second is the bathroom, the third is in the car, the fourth is under the bushes at the park and the last is at the beach.

The result was; 20% for the bedroom, 30% for the bathroom, 30% in the car, no taker for bushes and 20% for the beach. With this result, we learned something about the character of each of us. Those who chose the bedroom were non risk taker and unwilling to explore. Those who opt for the bathroom were also the shy type. Interesting enough for those who like to try having sex in car were the brave one. No taker for the bushes for reason unknown. On the other hand, those who fancied making love on the beach were aggresive and the romantic one.

Believe me, I picked the beach. But wondering whether my little darling is prepared to attempt such romantic role with me. As to you readers, the one who is reading this topic now, what about you?

Food for the thought - "Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye" - Helen Keller.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

You really are a romantic person,I believe you are brave mate and willing to explore and be the best in anything you do. Its never too late for you because its just the right time everytime for you...

keep up the enthusiasm...not many are like are one of the rare type...expensive and valuable.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi Red Lavender...

You really make my day. Everyone needs encouragement...including me. Thank you for your well said words.

Anonymous said...

Robert dear,

If I were your little darling,
I won't mind to have sex with you at any places!

Wild Cactus

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wild Cactus...

I have to tell my little darling then brave you are.