Thursday, July 10, 2008

You can't be pleasing everybody!

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can you the formula for failure - which is: Try to please everybody." Spoken by Herbert Bayard Swope.

His words are true. Today I had an opportunity to speak to two ladies who never know how to say 'no' to people. One is my secretary who has been working with me for more than fifteen years. With her years of working, she practically knows all the procedures and work in our office. She is a kind hearted and friendly person. Most agents and staffs seek her assistance whenever they needed it. However lately, I realised she is understress and not efficient as she used to be. A lot of my works were undone and incomplete. On checking with her, she was frank to tell me that she is over loaded with tasks and assignments which were not given by me but by outsiders. Although she was busy, she still accepted requests and extra works from those who came to ask favour from her. She is a 'yes' lady who did not know how to say a 'no' instead.

Another closed associate lady agent has the similar problems like the above. She too has fifteen years in the business. She is a warm and sincere person. Her heart is caring and always ready to push the extra miles for others. She is a good daughter to her aged parents and have to be a responsible mother to a growing teenage daughter. She serves actively with the church and attends all necessary classes and training. As she has a true heart and being a likable lady, many clients, friends, colleagues or even unknown love seeing her. Most of the time, they asked for attention and help for personal problems and related matters. She will never say 'no'. Lately I understand her business is very much affected. Her face looks tired and depressed. She practically has no more time to rest and relax. She don't even know how to distress herself.

As these two ladies are important to me, I had to speak my mind to make them realised that everything has a limit. Saying 'yes' to offer help is nice, but we have to learn to say 'no', when we know we can't say 'yes' any longer. What they should have done is diplomatically say 'no' when you really do not have the time anymore. I sincere hope, these two ladies would take my advices coz I believe Herbert Bayard Swope's proverb cannot be wrong.

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