Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We have forgotten our roots.

I was entertaining my guests at my usual club. My favorite restaurant is the coffee house where most waiters always served me with smiles. Lately they have taken in many foreign workers mainly from Bangladesh. Surprisingly within a very short span of time, they could also communicate with us in our local languages. I am sad to see our local boys and girls do not work as hard and as efficient as them. I could see the different in their working habits. The locals talk more than they work. The Bangladeshi move faster and more alert. They never complain and are prepared to go the extra miles to serve. More so they are fitter, stronger and obedience. They work differently because they are proud of what they are doing. Not the locals who have self esteem and pride.

As our nation is progressing, we have forgotten our roots. When we were poorer, we were humble and simple. Now that we are slightly richer, we are arrogance and stubborn. As we are advancing to be a fully develop nation, we need to have the right positive attitude in our people. Otherwise the suffers will still be us again.

Just imagine, I wanted to tip the Bangladeshi who served me with delight, yet he politely told me, he could work happily without the extra tips. He explained that the bill had already included with the service charges and it was his duty to serve. I was so touched with his friendly statement. How I wish our people could be the same.

Food for the thought - "In order to do what really matters to you, you have to, first of all, know what really matters to you" - Dr Ed Hallowell

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