Saturday, July 19, 2008

I was approached by a Chinese Doll.

The China Dolls are here! I could not believe until I was approached by one recently. I was in a departmental store when one pretty Chinese lady approached me. She spoke gently in Mandarin, asking whether I am interested to have sex with her. I was shocked and surprised that such contact could happen in such broad day light. My little darling was just a few feet away from me and yet she darn to solicit her services. I politely told her I am not interested.

I wondered how many males could fall on her charming approaches. She was very attractive, young, sexy and seducing. Many younger men who don't foresee the risks and danger involved, would definitely accept the invitation. As I am a much wiser person, I understand the consequences ahead.

This Chinese Doll really knew her profession. She had the courage to ask without fear and shame. She knew how to identify her eligible customers who could pay and perform. She worked in a new territories unknown to her. She had a product and services which man could not resist not to buy. I can call her as a salesperson as well.

Food for the thought - "The happiest of people don't necessary have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything."

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