Tuesday, July 29, 2008

These two great ladies are my daughters in law.

These are the two great ladies I admire, Debbie and Fionne. Debbie was married to Fionne husband. Although Debbie was the ex wife, she gets along well with Fionne. She treats her ex as her best friend and has never got jealous with Fionne. She knows, the man could not be her husband but at least be a friend. She even taught Fionne how to love her husband better. Though she had mistakes before, she doesn't want the new couple to make the same mistakes again. Fionne is equally smart, she knows how to understand Debbie. She is prepared to learn and to take advice from the elder friend. From the first wife, the man has a son who is currently staying with the father. The first 10 years, the boy was cared by the mother. It is time, the father has to be responsible to the son now. Allowing the mother to be free, when she could concentrate on her demanding career internationally. Fionne has a big heart and willing to take the role of the mother to this son. Not forgetting she is expecting soon. She promised to Debbie she will be a good mother and a friend to her son. These two wonderful ladies are intelligent and attractive as well.

The man who had fallen once with Debbie and now the responsible husband to Fionne is certainly a lucky man. I wonder where he has the charm to sweet talk these two great women. This man is no other than my first son who is currently staying abroad. Although Debbie was his wife, she will always be my special daughter in law who is so understanding in lives. At the same time, I am equally joyful to have another caring daughter in law, Fionne who could make things happen for my son. Knowing her now, I am sure she will be the ideal lady for my playful son.

There is a saying, "If you harbour doubts about others, there is no way you can love others, forgive others, or believe in others. " Thanking you Debbie and welcome Fionne to our family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Such relations are rarely found in Asian country.
I guess your son is not only smart but must be very handsome too.... just like the father!
Big applause to Debbie & Fionne too whom has such an open heart and understanding type!


Robert Foo said...

Hi Wild Cactus...

For your infor the dad is much more handsomer than the son but the son is sweeter with ladies. I don't really know where he learns this skill...he should be teaching the dad now.