Sunday, May 20, 2007

All the wits & fancies of woman.

There are many things that puzzle me between man and woman. Like for instances; when woman cries, man feels sympathy for them. However when man cries, he is considered as weak.

When ladies stare at man, man would be over joyed. Be careful man, if you stare at ladies, you would be called as a maniac.

When girls smile at boys, this is manner and politeness but when boys smile at girls, this is rudeness.

If a lady has a tyre puncture while on the road, there would be many helping hands for her. Sorry for man, you have to do it yourself.

Ladies who wear bikinis at sea front, all eyes are on them with admiration. Man can go naked, nobody would be interested, as they do look ugly.

A sweet young female voice on telephone can arouse a male listener's attention. A male voice has to add confident and clarity before your listener can accept you. Otherwise, you are treated as a nuisance.

If a lady twinkles her eyes to a man, his heart would melt with excitement. Sorry for the man! Don't wink or blink your eyes to a lady, for you might get a slap instead for nothing.

A woman who invites a man to bed, both would be satisfied and happy. Be careful man! When you have sex with woman, you could be charged for rape.

For woman to get men is always so easy, but for man to get woman is tough. One consolation to man; No doubt, it is easy for a woman to get many men but it is never easy for a woman to get the right man to love her. Woman can always out smart man in many ways. They might have all the wits and fancies to take advantage on man, but finally they still have to seek that particular man to love her right. Thanks God! You have treated us fairly in that sense.

Specially for ladies; "Love in not finding the right person. But creating the right relationship. It is not how much love we have in the beginning. But how much love we build until the end."

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