Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three Golden Rules In Selling

A lot of sales are not concluded because most salesperson make mistakes without realising themselves. They are excited to complete the transaction immediately without knowing when, where and how to close a proper sale. I take this opportunity to share my three golden rules before I conduct a sale.

1. Know your prospect first.

Relax and take a bit of time to talk and introduce yourself. If you are truly a good and interesting salesperson, you should be able to market yourself to your prospect. This is not the time to sell your product. Don't even utter one word of it. Most sales are rejected because the product is mentioned too early. During this period, you should be able to sense whether you are comfortable with him. Keep asking yourself at the same time, whether prospect is comfortable with you as well. If he doesn't respect and like you, he would not be comfortable with you at all. How could you be able to sell your product, when he doesn't like your present.

2. Is the time right?

If you think, you had made him like you, perhaps you could proceed to sell. However, before doing so, ask yourself and him, whether both have the time to discuss further. In case, you don't have time because your next appointment is due soon, don't waste your time to talk about your product now. Or your prospect might be having his next meeting soon, it would be better to come again for another convenient time. Never rush against time.

3. Is the location right?

The above two rules are fulfilled but the location isn't ideal for discussion, is also another set-back. To sell, you new a quiet and cosy environment to think and ponder about doubts and solutions. If the place isn't right for serious discussion, then don't kill the sale but rather postpone to another date and place.

The above three golden rules look simple enough but yet many salesperson always tend to over look these requirements. So my fellow colleagues, remember these golden rules and you should do better in future selling.

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