Saturday, May 12, 2007

Older man still needs women

My statement is correct; "Man can't live without woman but woman can live without man."

The latest hot news in town, "retiree of 97, proposes to widow he hasn't met before." This man from Raub, Pahang who cannot hear very well and has lost almost all his teeth and hair, but he believes he still has the lovin' feeling. Retiree Yong Chai Keng feels that he can provide happiness to a 38-year-old widow he has never met before. In fact, Yong had proposed to at least two widows and another woman in the past four months, and all his proposals were turned down.

Most people were surprised and felt disgusted by the old man silly action and approaches. On the other hand, I considered him to be brave and honest to his needs. Imagine if Adam, the first man on earth could not live without woman, what makes all existing men at the moment can live without. Not many men are brave like Yong who darn to show his desire and interest. The world accepts the young but the old are treated differently. Old should retire and should not be naughty. Old should be quiet and should not have sex. Old should be holy and should not be admiring the opposite sex. How could the old be able to live on when he doesn't feel young. Most older foes are living in a hidden world with their silent sorrow. The fact is, whether how young or how old a man is, he still needs a woman around.

Yong would not have lived up this ripe age, if he had not got wives or female partners to fulfill his contentment. His look is strong and healthy. Many of his age would have been gone or having no desire to live. He is not afraid of what the world sees in him. He doesn't want to live in sorrow but rather pursuit his dreams and fancies. He has the knowledge and the wisdom of what are best for him to live on and not like the rest who just live with hypocrisy.

These are the facts of life unwritten and unspoken; "Looks like when a person is aging, his value also decreases. The fact is, it takes time to learn and only when you are old, perhaps you might gain some wisdom of life. But again, when you are there, your value is no longer needed."

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