Thursday, May 10, 2007

Don't lose your wisdom?

A child was walking along the park with his mother. Accidentally he dripped, fell and had a minor cut on his leg. The mother was furious for a moment, shouted at him,"Why are you so careless?" The boy cried aloud when he realised he was also bleeding slightly. Immediately the mother tried to help by touching him but he cried even louder as thought the pain was unbearable.

There were many people around but not one bother to assist the mother and her child. At a distance, there was an older man who was aware what was happening. He took a bottle of drinking water and a first aid box from his car. Subsequently he approached the mother and said, "Can I help?" Both mother and son were astonished, when she replied with a smile, meaning yes. Holding one hand with the bottle of water and the other hand with the medicine, he politely spoke to the scary child, "Boy! are you alright. You should be brave. Your cut is a very minor one. Uncle here should be able to help you."

With just the few words spoken, the man could wash and clean the boy's wound and applied what was necessary. He was a total stranger and yet the boy accepted him without a cry. Not the mother. Don't you think it was strange?

The moral of this story; the mother had the knowledge but without the understanding of facts of life. Whereas that man also had knowledge but he understood the inner wisdom of life. Knowledge is good but without the wisdom of your inner self, one could create anger and frustration. The mother wanted to help her child but she started with anger and applying the wrongful words. On the other hand, the man assisted with blissfulness and concern. His words were more assuring and kind. This is another good example of "love never fails."

"Contentment and bliss go hand in hand. These qualities create great fascination for you among others."

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