Friday, May 11, 2007

Premenstrual Syndrome can damage loves

Love is sweet but sometimes it could be a misery when confronted with society problems, hidden and unknown. Let me relate one typical life story to reveal how frightening love could be.

Sharon and Ricky were intimate lovers for two and half years. He was a gentleman in nature and she was a loving lady too. The first year was a beautiful romantic year for both when they did what all lovers would do. Ricky would never miss one day to tell her, "Darling I love you." She would always be supported with a reply,"Dear I would love you for ever too." Their love was true, exciting and looked unbreakable.

However it was sad after the second years, when their love feeling went down turn. Both seemed to be quarrelling and arguing most of the time. She became not so romantic towards him. He was frustrated and sad to see her mood changed. Both just don't understand why this unpleasantness could happen to them. In fact deep down in their hearts, they still love each others. Moreover there was no third parties involved in this relationship to cause their differences.

The Sharon and Ricky's story could happen every where and to any couples. Most don't even know why they broke off. Perhaps they assumed that they are not compatible to each other.

Being selling for these many years, I had learned that life has many unnoticeable lives problems which many live without knowing or realising themselves. Let me explain here. Woman is created differently in term of physical and chemistry. Woman has to experience monthly menstrual when man is lucky enough not to have it. Many women could be suffering from a sickness called 'Premenstrual Syndrome' (PMS) without knowing themselves.

What is this stupid PMS then? PMS is a collection of physical, psychological and emotion systems that many women experience during the first or second week before a menstrual period. During this period there are cyclic changes in female sex hormones. Emotional symptoms could be experience with; fatigue, mood swings, irritability. depression, hostility, crying spells. difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, increasing appetite and changes in libido (sex desire). All females from age 19 onwards could be suffering with PMS, either mild or hyper in level.

Sharon was a hyper sufferer of PMS, when she and her lover didn't realise it. She was getting tired and stressful most of the time. Her mood swing from time to time and became irritable. She was sad for no reason. She was unfriendly and lost her affection over her man. She could not concentrate even in her career and forgetful in her daily chores. She almost lost her desire to make love. All this while, Ricky was not aware she was suffering in PMS. He was thinking that she had lost interest in him. He confronted her with extra pressure and anger which led to more misunderstanding between the both. She was frustrated because he could not understand the poor girl. Both their hearts were broken hearted with pain. This trauma is caused by PMS and not the true feeling of the loving lady.

Sometimes I wonder why women have to go through this torture. Is it a punishment by GOD? For Eve was the one who ate the forbidden apple first. Or is it for men to understand women better? Life has many mysteries. I believe one has to pursuit knowledge and wisdom to understand life better. If only Ricky could have learned to understand that there is a sickness called PMS, he could be more understanding to his love. Instead of being angry and confronting her with pressure, he should be more caring and offer extra assurance to her. Love never fails.

I hope my above information could be useful to lovers, especially to the men. Understand her and love her. I would myself, if given another chance.

To those who are in love; "Game of love. In the game of love, it doesn't really matter who won or who lost. When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you fine a new love, you view the past as a teacher. Love will always find a way. Will always win."

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