Monday, May 21, 2007

Don't sell when you are stressful.

Many sales are lost when you are not at the right frame of mind while selling. There is a saying,"Success leads to success." Nobody likes to deal with a failure or a sorrowful salesperson. Never bring your personal problems onto your selling.

Recently I had a chance to accompany one of my associates to present one of her financial products. Before meeting our prospect, she was telling me about her recent family, personal and career problems. She was under tremendous amount of stress and pressure, but she refused to cancel this important appointment.

When the time for her to explain and to illustrate her plans, she was not calm and her words were jittery. During the presentation, the prospect was asking for some uncertain questions. Instead of offering a logical and confident explanation, she turned arrogance with a rejected tune of voice. For a moment, the prospect was taken aback and that was when I came in to rescue her with my explanation. The prospect was happy with my reply and she continued to close the case quite easily after that.

Perhaps she wasn't even aware she was at wrong because stressfulness could blind one's thought. She was lucky that I was around to observe and to understand the finer point of closing a deal but not all the time she would be this fortunate.

Conclusion; when you are stressful, worry, unhappy or having some kind of problem within yourself, please avoid selling until you have a peace of clearer mind. Never bring your personal problems onto your work, especially meeting an important person. These are true facts of selling.

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